This video hilariously denotes Messi transforming from Sergio Ramos's nemesis at Real Madrid to his buddy at PSG

Like what you watched?

Then reach out to us; let us discuss an arrangement on how to produce such funny animated football videos for Caught Offside.

If you desire a periodic video production arrangement, our team is robust enough to work on a video weekly (say one that freshly incorporates the footballing activities or matches over the weekend), a monthly or bimonthly video arrangement…

We will do this at a remarkably affordable rate, ensuring to make the project a massive win for Caught Offside.

How we can collaborate on this project

Tell Us

You can choose whatever theme, football league, player, or team you want us to work a funny animation for. We can also suggest ideas.

Script & Design

Once we get your instructions, we will expertly flesh a script around it. If approved, we create a visual language that can bring that story to life.


We will work out a storyboard that gives you an idea of the creative direction we envisage for the script.


If the storyboard is approved, we bring the characters and other visual elements to life with animation.

Who We Are

We are an exciting pack of comedians and animators who jointly share a fierce love for football. This puts us in a unique position to produce incredibly engrossing funny football animated videos that your audience will drool for…remaining your website even before their names!

Why The Hell Should you work with us?

Excellence is our second nature

We abhor mediocrity. If it is not spectacular, it is not from us!
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We ooze creativity

There are no boundaries to our creativity and revolutionary ideas. The implication is us creating animated wonders you have never seen.

Punctuality is our religion

We worship time. We consistently arrive before the deadline.

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We have a fantastic sense of humor

We don’t like it boring – neither does your audience. Therefore, we intelligently flavor your message with some tasteful humor that amplifies engagement and clickthrough rates.

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