Fun-to-watch videos that drive RESULTS...not excuses

Our hilarious animated marketing videos help you send your brand message in a more memorable and relatable way, converting your dream customers to loyal customers. 

For the last 6 years, we have helped businesses like yours triple sales and customer engagement, with these businesses driving results for 10x less than what their competitors spend. 

Hear from our customers

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Our hilarious animated marketing videos boost customer trust, break down sales objections faster, and compel your target audience to act quicker!
Think we are too good to be true? How about you hear from some of our customers? Real-life, no make-believe!

"The way LotusBrains Studio creatively brought my brand message alive beat my expectation. While being informative, the animated explainer video I got was funny with a powerful storyline and captivating visual representation."
Mary Bryan
Digital Marketing Analyst
"Lotusbrains Studio's animated videos have made my brand viral on social media. Being hilarious, these videos increased my engagement rates by over 500%. Now spend less than one-tenth of what my rivals spend on customer acquisition."
Jude Anderson
Real Estate Broker
"I thought creating a video campaign streamlined to the Asian American community would be challenging. LotusBrains Studio marveled me with motion graphics videos tailored to the ethnical specifics of my audience. "
Lee Bernard
Community Advocate
"Across my seven years of working with explainer video companies, none has impressed me like Lotus Brains Studio. Their creativity is rare, and their sense of humor is outstanding. Thanks to their whiteboard animation, my sales increased by 680%."
Bridget Farrie
Ecommerce Store Owner

How can you use our animated marketing videos?

Here are some ways our customers leverage our funny animated videos to drive remarkable results:

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Despite being funny, our animated videos – specially customized to your customer persona and brand identity – are yet concise and relevant enough to pull in high-value customers for you.

If the animated marketing video we produce for you doesn’t triple your objectives, feel free to throw us into jail!😊

Yes, we are that confident!

How we produce our epic videos

Discovery and Story Design

We learn your message and campaign objective. Next, we create a compelling story customized to your brand identity that brings your message to life, sprinkling in some humor to make it more exciting to watch.

Storyboard and Animation

We build a visual framework and send it over to you for approval.
After finalizing the storyboard, we bring the characters and other visual elements to life with animation.