You have chased your dream customers for too long, how about we get them chasing you?

At LotusBrains Studio, we combine spellbinding stories with compelling animations, creating spectacular videos (motion graphics, explainer videos, whiteboard and cartoon
that make your audience come back for more… and yes, buying back-to-back!

We don’t just dump any video on your audience’s eyeballs. First, we get into the lab, rigorously study your audience persona, knead that with an irresistible story and visual creatives, finishing the combo with some delectable teaspoons of humor.

What you get at the end is spectacularly animated content that gets your audience buying with their last dollar, even with the eviction notice in their face!

How can we help your business?

Generally, we do just anything animated. Just tell us how you want it — preferably charming and appealing 😜 – and we will create it. More specifically, our range of services include:


We take pride in our uncanny capacity to combine visual creatives and text into producing fascinating motion graphics that send your message, achieving the desired impact.


Our whiteboard animations enable you to seamlessly transmit complex concepts to your audience in quick-and-ready-to understand videos.


We have mastered the craft of combining compelling characters, background, and storylines to create cartoon series that gets your audience drooling helplessly for the next scene.


Our explainer videos allow you to emphatically convey your message – despite how technical – to your audience. Combing easy-to-grasp creatives, our explainer videos melodiously sing your message to your audience, treating them like the kings they are.

Oh, yet to make up your mind?

Professor Scratch Buttocks has a game-changing secret for you. Don’t dare miss it. WATCH BELOW

How we work.

Awesome is we doing our thing! We don’t just create animations, we create experiences. If the animation doesn’t triple your objectives, then we didn’t create it!

And yes, we handle the process end-to-end, from ideating and scripting down to animation proper.

Aside from watching your favorite Netflix shows while our animation team diligently creates your content, you do almost nothing all through. Don’t you like to be treated that royally?


We find out about your message, objective, strategy, and brand

Script & Design

We take your message and digest it. Therafter, we create a visual language that can bring that story to life.

Animatic & Storyboard

We match voice to picture so that they work together.


We bring the characters and other visual elements to life with animation.

Of course, you remain the king all through the process, and we yearn to do JUST your bidding. Consequently, should you need any revision, we are promptly running back to their desk to execute it.

Why The Hell Should you work with us?


Let us leave fiction for J.K Rowling… here at LotusBrains Studio, we deliver real and tangible results. Numbers don’t lie and we give you the numbers that we love:


  • conversion rates
  • brand awareness
  • customer engagement
  • return on marketing investment
  • lifetime value of a customer (LTV)
  • customer retention

Yes, we THRILL...and get you VIRAL!!!

We don’t serve you boring and generic videos that get your viewers snoring by the fourth second. Every shred of our animations – from storyline to the graphic creatives – is remarkably streamlined to your audience.

Bewitching is the word for the effect of our animated videos on your audience. We weave our incredible creativity (which the CIA could soon be investigating given how supernatural it is😊) into fascinating animations that get your audience sentenced to the videos from the first second to the last second…helplessly taking the call to action.

Little wonders, our animated content is almost guaranteed of going viral…giving your brand that explosive reach at an incredibly reduced cost. 

Excellence is our second nature

We abhor mediocrity. If it is not spectacular, it is not from us!
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

We ooze creativity

There are no boundaries to our creativity and revolutionary ideas. The implication is us creating animated wonders you have never seen.

Punctuality is our religion

We worship time. We consistently arrive before the deadline.

‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

Why should you use our 2D Animation?

Our 2D animations enable you to create your own world…free of the constraints of realism. We tell your message just the way you want it, boldly disregarding the laws of physics.

Want your characters to fly? Well, we make them soar! Want a typically ripped Dwayne Johnson to look flabby and pot-bellied? We will create it for you without having to pay Dwayne Johnson billions to eat himself fat.

Reach out to us today with your project ideas, let us create magic for you!

Do you need to mortgage your home to afford us?

NOOOO… our animations are damn affordable! Think about the headache of shooting a live video. Think about having to run around for actors, scripts.

No…no relax, our animations make life much easier, toasting your message into savory animated videos while you are away on a cozy Caribbean beach.

The longevity of our 2D videos is sure to increase your ROI. Because they are readily editable and scalable, their shelf life is significantly extended, giving you relevant content for longer.

Are we too funny?

While our humor stands us out, we yet know when to be serious. Our content is not overloaded with humor to make the viewer miss your content’s marketing or educational juice.

Leveraging data and artificial intelligence, we intelligently spruce our animated videos with humor at critical points to amplify engagement or reduce their customer objection.

Ultimately, the viewer is transported through the entire length of the video in the befitting temperament, arriving at that emotional climax needed to take action where needed.

Oh, we are sad you are about to leave us, so we dished you a funny animated video below to give you a reason to smile about today 👇

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