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How fast is Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes car? That is how fast your dream customers trust you (and take action) when you market your brand with a funny and relatable video.

Yes, everyone loves a good laugh –including your dream customers. Hence, for the last six years, we have helped businesses like yours triple sales and customer engagement via our funny animated marketing videos.

And guess what? Our customers achieved this 300% growth, spending 7x less than their competitors!

For Valentine, we are giving you a whopping discount of 60% on any animated video you order from us.

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What We Do

Generally, we do just anything animated video. Just tell us how you want it — preferably funny and appealing 😉 – and we will create it. More specifically, our range of services include:


We take pride in our rare capacity to combine visual creatives and text into producing fascinating motion graphics that send your message, achieving the desired impact.

Whiteboard Animation.

Our whiteboard animations enable you to seamlessly transmit complex concepts to your audience in quick-and-ready-to understand videos.


We have mastered combining compelling characters, backgrounds, and storylines to create cartoon series that gets your audience drooling for the next scene.


Deploying easy-to-grasp creatives (strategically enhanced with humor), our explainer videos help your customers better understand and maximize your product or service.

We have been creating some awesome stuff. CHECK THEM OUT!

Despite being funny, our animated videos – specially customized to your customer persona and brand identity – are yet concise and relevant enough to pull in high-value customers for you.

If the animated marketing video doesn’t triple your objectives, feel free to throw us into jail!😊

Yes, we are that confident! 

We prize our credibility. Therefore, you will only pay for the video we deliver when you are super-satisfied with it.

Hear from our customers

At LotusBrains Studio, we excel at fantastic funny animated marketing videos…not fiction.  We deliver real and tangible results.
How about you hear from some of our delighted customers?

"The way LotusBrains Studio creatively brought my message alive beat my expectation. While being informative, the explainer video I got was funny with a powerful storyline and captivating visual representation."
Mary Bryan
Digital Marketing Analyst
"As a small business owner and underdog in my industry, I am thrilled at the competitive advantage LotusBrains Studio’s funny animated marketing videos give me over more established and wealthier competitors."
Jude Anderson
Real Estate Broker
"I thought creating a video campaign streamlined to the Asian American community would be challenging. LotusBrains Studio marveled me with explainer videos tailored to the ethnical specifics of my audience. "
Lee Bernard
Community Advocate
"Across my seven years of working with explainer video companies, none has impressed me like Lotus Brains Studio. Their creativity is rare and their sense of humor is outstanding. Thanks to their whiteboard animation, my sales increased by 280%."
Bridget Farrie
Ecommerce Store Owner

How we work


We find out about your message, objective, strategy, and brand

Script & Design

We take your message and digest it. Therafter, we create a visual language that can bring that story to life.

Animatic & Storyboard

We match voice to picture so that they work together.


We bring the characters and other visual elements to life with animation.

Why The Hell Should you work with us?

Excellence is our second nature

We abhor mediocrity. If it is not spectacular, it is not from us!
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We ooze creativity

There are no boundaries to our creativity and revolutionary ideas. The implication is us creating animated wonders you have never seen.

Punctuality is our religion

We worship time. We consistently arrive before the deadline.

‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

We have a fantastic sense of humor

We don’t like it boring – neither does your audience. Therefore, we intelligently flavor your message with some tasteful humor that amplifies engagement and clickthrough rates.

‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎

Yes, we THRILL...and get you VIRAL!!!

Do you know that 74% of consumers share videos they find funny?

Yes, our funny animated marketing videos will make your brand the next viral sensation online, giving your brand explosive reach at an incredibly reduced cost.

Imagine a steady stream of high-value customers pouring in from a one-time investment in an animated video from us.

Sounds like good business, doesn’t it?