Our production process

We combine engaging stories with captivating visuals, giving you an uncommon medium to send a powerful message to your target customers.

Our process is remarkably simplified, and all the work you do is to tell us about your brand and product. After this, our team gets into action, giving you the most thrilling animated video extensively personalized to your target audience.

Let us break it down a bit, shall we?


Get the ball rolling​

The magic begins with you simply reaching out to us. After that, we would arrange a personalized meeting with you where we will learn emphatically about your brand and objective for the animation. After this, we would thoroughly study your brand, carving out the best befitting creative direction to meet – no, beat – your expectations.


We dive into the script

We can proudly tell you that no one else does scripting as we do. Understanding a good story combined with engrossing visuals is the backbone of all great animations, we put a lot of creative energy into the scripting.
More remarkably, we excel at spicing the story with delicious humor that keeps your audience’s eyeballs glued to the last second enough to execute the targeted actions.


We allow you to pick your style

Come on, we are not that rickety one-size-fits-all studio. On the contrary, we believe in the power of personalization. This explains why we give you a broad spectrum of design options to make your pick.

This way, the visuals harmoniously blend with your brand and message. Don’t you like being treated like a king this way?


We get into the animatics and storyboarding

Well representative of our policy of carrying you along through the creative process, we will first send you a well-crafted storyboard or animation plan. This would give you an anticipatory feel of the final video.

You are free to make any modifications as you deem fit, allowing us to optimize the video to your most exclusive specifics.


And then into the real work

With a creative consensus reached between our team and you, we would immediately commence the animation proper.

Still maintaining your lordship over the process, we would slice the animation into episodes (or stages) and send you each completed one for approval as we progress.


Now your animation is mouthwateringly ready

And finally, we arrive at the final stage of the process, ready to serve you your visually yummy animated video. We further enhance it with customized sound effects and specific design elements as you deem fit to wholly present the feel you desire for the video. When all modification requests are completed, and we are on the same page, we send you the final video to go and WOW your audience.